The only daughter

Sandra believes that this benefitted her as a writer because it gave her the opportunity to think on her own, imagine, and read.

The only daughter

What is the theme to the story Only Daughter

This is a similar question Sandra Cisneros wants readers to ask themselves while reading her essay. In her essay, Only Duaghter, Cisneros describes the lack of support from her father while attempting to find success as a writer.

Using descriptive language, she tells of the struggle between her Mexican-American heritage and her supposed place in the household and her love in writing. With dignified feeling she constructs a picturesque essay that in the end is able to encapsulate her father's acceptance through her optomistic writing.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Cisneros begins her essay, "I am the only daughter in a family of six sons. The use of italics symbolizes a family based on gender, in this case male. Her growing up a female dominated by males "was good for a would-be writer," but made her future merely a housewife based on her culture but mainly her father.

She goes on to state when she was young in the fifth gradeher father misunderstood her future plans for college as he staes "Que bueno, mi'ja, that's good. She soon discovered, that he thought was a way for girls or at least Mexican-American girls to meet their husbands. He even had the nerve to say she "wasted all that education.

The only daughter

Her father's saying she teaches instead of saying she is a teacher or professor, displays that her father is not proud of his daughter, and thus holds back his respect towards her. Throughout this essay, Cisneros strives so hard to impress her fahter through her writing and gain his respect, but ironically he cannot even read a word of english.

To Love My Only Daughter - Poem by Aidan Gilbert

Cisneros' essay captures and lures the reader in, becauseyou want so hard to see her win her father over and ultimately gain his respect The style dramatically changes after paragraph sixteen; she give tremendous dtail for the simple fact that it represents theThe Portrayal of Gender Differences in Sandra Cisnero's "Only Daughter" PAGES 2.

WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: gender differences, only daughter. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

essay "Only Daughter," which appeared in Glamour in , she describes the difficulties of growing up the only daughter in a Mexican-American family of six sons. A Letter, ' To My One And Only Daughter by James McLain..I am your father Dear and I never stopped loving you. I remember the day you were born. Your parents . Only Daughter assignment 1 Comprehension 1.) When she states that she is the only girl in a family of six sons, Means she was a lonely, her brothers never wanted to play with her because she was a female. This made her think and image and become a writer. 2.) Being the only daughter she means that she is the only girl out of six boys.

Exactly what I needed. - . Sep 11,  · While she's the only daughter, she was secluded from the other siblings, making it a good enviroment for a writer. Being only a daughter, it meant that her destiny would be to meet a husband someday, to be someones wife.

A Letter, ' To My One And Only Daughter by James McLain..I am your father Dear and I never stopped loving you. I remember the day you were born. Your parents .

The only daughter

Character Analysis • The Protagonist (Daughter) is a very intelligent, independent, sophisticated, and very liberal young girl who wants to deserve her father’s respect and honor.

• As being the only Daughter, she is the minority, and the irrelevant one in her siblings.

Adjectives to Describe Your Daughter With

Being the only daughter is both good and bad, but overall I think it’s great. I love having older brothers to protect me if I need it, and having my dad fix my car and wash my motorcycle when it’s freezing outside. Lyrics to 'Your Mother's Only Daughter' by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

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