Strength and weakness of kotter model

I fell in love with the model right away when I came across it first, mainly because I have often struggled with identifying a good starting point when I, in the past, have felt a compelling need to instigate change in organisations I worked with. That is one motivation for me to gather my thoughts and write a critique on it. The model condensed the entire process into a life-cycle of pithy actionable step-groups that one cannot argue with really, at least initially. This is purely my perspective and I can say, a few other change leaders that I have shared my ideas with have agreed with me.

Strength and weakness of kotter model

Living in a globalized world where everything is ephemeral, people need to be able to adapt. Change is necessary not only for the proper development of an organization, but also for the development of its employees, both professionally and personally.

Change Management Defined An organization operates in a particular way.

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When the market changes, the organization must change with it. There are various reasons for change management, including strategic, technical, economic and operational changes. Change management is not the change itself, but the tools and techniques used in the process of change.

Strength and weakness of kotter model

Those working in an organization are human beings who assume that we will adopt the best way to reach a desired end. People have their own fears and are hesitant to change, which is why change management techniques are usually accompanied by a detailed study of the organization's staff.

What's Needed For Change Change management requires careful planning and a sensitivity to determine the direction of change.

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First, management must decide what portion of workers will be directly affected. They must recognize that those who manage the change are not the employees. Second, communication is essential, especially face-to-face communication.

It's best to avoid imposing on an employee during the change. The employee is only part of it, so management must be patient. In change management, time is everything.

With quick changes, there will be more resistance and the employee will not be aware of the process. Management should increase the urgency of projects, and the people will comply with their duties. Management should also assemble a guidance team whose members have leadership skills and the ability to speak clearly.

Change happens more smoothly when more people are involved because a large group feels more united. Also it's wise to propose short-term goals that can be performed easily without frustrating the team.

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Strengths of Change Management An organization can become stronger if change is done with care. Individuals will have to adapt over time. The advantage is having employees with a greater ability to adapt.

These employees will also be trained to work as a team. Communication problems will be compensated because employees will learn to communicate clearly and effectively. The organization will filter people. Many employees may not adapt, so only the best will remain.

Management will also become stronger because it will have to maintain order during the break in routine and structure. Weaknesses of Change Management All change creates fear, distrust and rejection; this should be taken into account.

At first, there could be chaos. Management must control this chaos from the beginning to avoid resistance.John Kotter's guiding principles for leading change The 8 steps of John Kotter's change model John Kotter's highly regarded books 'Leading Change' () and the follow-up 'The Heart Of Change' () describe a popular and helpful model for understanding and managing change.

Strength And Weakness Of Kotter Model. Strength and Weaknesses Michael Bartlett Gen/ 8/8/ James Bailey Strength and Weaknesses Every individual has personal strengths and weaknesses that show his or her life in a positive or negative way.

May 19,  · (Abridged version here, for those that want to read less!). Kotter’s famous 8 step change model is being taught in leading management schools around the world as a prescriptive framework for leading change in an “ever-changing world”.

John Kotter's Guiding Principles for Leading Change

The Strengths & Weaknesses of Change Management by Martha Boone - Updated September 26, It’s true that an organization needs stability, but an organization also needs better ways to adapt and change.

May 19,  · (Abridged version here, for those that want to read less!). Kotter’s famous 8 step change model is being taught in leading management schools around the world as a prescriptive framework for leading change in an “ever-changing world”.

The clear strength of the model is that provides a useful management checklist of the phases of the transition. The weaknesses, in my view, are as follows, the ADKAR model: (1) Fails to distinguish between "incremental change" and "step change".

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