Speed control essay

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Speed control essay

However, the flux estimation is Speed control essay based on the integration of the motor phase voltages. Due to the inevitable errors in the voltage measurement and stator resistance estimate the integrals tend to become erroneous at low speed.

Thus it is not possible to control the motor if the output frequency of the variable frequency drive is zero. However, by careful design of the control system it is possible to have the minimum frequency in the range 0.

A reversal of the rotation direction is possible too if the speed is passing through the zero range rapidly enough to prevent excessive flux estimate deviation. If continuous operation at low speeds including zero frequency operation is required, a speed or position sensor can be added to the DTC system.

With the sensor, high accuracy of the torque and speed control can be maintained in the whole speed range. The only difference between DTC and DSC is the shape of the path along which the flux vector is controlled, the former path being quasi-circular whereas the latter is hexagonal such that the switching frequency of DTC is higher than DSC.

DTC is accordingly aimed at low-to-mid power drives whereas DSC is usually used for higher power drives. Since its mids introduction applications, DTC have been used to advantage because of its simplicity and very fast torque and flux control response for high performance induction motor IM drive applications.

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DTC was also studied in Baader's thesis, which provides a very good treatment of the subject. DTC has also been applied to three-phase grid side converter control.

Further, the waveform of the phase currents is very sinusoidal and power factor can be adjusted as desired. In the grid side converter DTC version the grid is considered to be a big electric machine.

Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Retrieved 13 November The University of New South Wales.

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Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 15 November Archived from the original on January 7, Retrieved 7 January Archived from the original PDF on October 18, Retrieved 18 October The closed loop idle speed control means includes means for positioning air-fuel mixture control apparatus in accordance with the control signal, and means for storing, until the closed loop idle.

WHY CONSIDER SPEED CONTROL DEVICES FOR VEHICLES? - presentation at Developments in Safer Motor Vehicles, March ; Presentation to Staysafe on Speed Control - 13 Oct 03 (K pdf) Presentation on speed control at the World Health Organisation Road Safety Day in Sydney.

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Motor Speed Control Essay Part 2 Final Project: Motor Speed Control Introduction and Objectives In this lab you will control the speed of a motor. Figure 1 shows the hardware setup, which is the same as for Week 1 of Lab 4.

Speed control essay

efficiency. The high performance speed and/or position control require an accurate knowledge of rotor shaft position and velocity in order to synchro-nize the phase excitation pulses to the rotor position.

This implies the need for speed and position sensors such as absolute encoders and magnetic resolvers attached to the shaft of the motor.

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