Soft hair recipe

Using a digital scale weigh out the coconut oil into a small glass Pyrex measuring cup. Heat briefly in the microwave just until melted then weigh out the other carrier oils and stir into the hair oil. Using a dropper or transfer pipette add the rosemary essential oil and, if desired, the rosemary extract.

Soft hair recipe

I will kind of assume that everyone has at least a practical idea of what a conditioner does to our hair — it untangles them, makes them fluffy and easy to comb. Often can help with static electricity and makes hair shiny. My hair type — for your info, so that you know if my experience may apply to you!

My Algerian colleague says I am definitely blond. My Swedish colleague just smiles — of course I am not blond! Thanks to bleaching, my endings are dry and split, but I am the easy-greased hair type at the roots — I have to wash every 2 or 3 if I am lucky days…and as by now you can imagine, I need also a really, really good shampoo and conditioner, otherwise I look like… well… coming from woods….

I tried, I really did! Making hair conditioner After a bit of searching, I found that making a hair conditioner is relatively easy — like making a cream or lotion, I would say even easier — provided you have the right ingredients!

I used Olivem as an emulsifier. I did not enjoy it much — it made my hair incredibly heavy. My mother was not happy about it neither she has the same color, but much stronger hair. I did not remake it since. I came back to the conditioners recently and did a bit of research.

Although I was not sure whether my previous bad experience was caused by the wrong emulsifier, or by other ingredients or their proportions, I have bought two emulsifiers for hair products: BTMS and Conditioner emulsifier.

Hair conditioner emulsifiers — what is so special about them? Well, the name of that last compound sounds quite dangerous, but it just looks like. What does it do? I will sum up what Susan writes more in detail on her blog: The salt dissolves well in water and therefore can access the hair more easily.

Cationicmeans it has a positive charge, therefore it is attracted by negatively charged hair, to which it sticks and makes a layer. This way it helps to diminish the static electricity, hair is detangled and easy to comb.

5 Easy Natural Recipes for Silky Hair.

But what about the cetearyl alcohol? It seems that behetrimonium methosulfate on its own can get pretty sticky. The fatty alcohols are added to give the slip and glide. Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine Also a cationic surfactant, which is activated in acid conditions.

Nothing is more satisfying than a rich and creamy pasta dish after a long frustrating day, but the calories and fat in most traditional pasta dishes can truly kill your diet plans.. This lower fat and calorie version of Chicken Angel Hair Pasta Bake was introduced to me many years ago when I went to a ladies conference with church and a fellow member made it for our potluck lunch. Basil Chicken Over Angel Hair. Chicken breasts are simmered in a spicy tomato and basil 3. 6 Magic Ingredients for Soft Silky Hair with Home Remedies. 6 Magic Ingredients for Soft Silky Hair with Home Remedies. By. sneha snigdha - February 16, 0. tweet; Here are the 6 magical ingredients to get soft silky hair with home remedies.

It seems it does not need anything else for conditioning — offers slip and glide and is antistatic, but it is a pretty bad emulsifier so it works the best in a combination with BTMS or other emulsifier.

This is all I found about it, but again — I do study! Source of the image:DIY Collagen Hair Mask Recipe Blog Post: Today I’m excited to share one of my secrets for how I got super strong, healthy hair. My little secret is collagen!

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Aug 08,  · How to Make Flaxseed Hair Gel. In this Article: Making Flaxseed Gel on the Stove Making Gel in the Microwave Styling Hair with Flaxseed Gel Community Q&A Flaxseed hair gel is a natural, inexpensive hair product particularly suited for curly or wavy hair.

This great recipe will leave your hair soft and shiny, and offers other benefits over liquid shampoo. Comments.

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Soft hair recipe

January 23, at am. I love coconut oil for my hair! I have waist-length, fine hair. It dries out terribly this time of year, despite washing it just twice a week & never using a hair drier. So, after washing.

How To Make Your Hair Soft And Shiny At Home. June 14, 2 Comments. Lustrous locks, whether short or long, look extremely attractive. Apart from being a sign of beauty, having soft and shiny indicates that you have healthy hair.

Massage this recipe on your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off. It increases. This recipe (20 Minute Cherry Tomato and Basil Angel Hair) id de-lisious!!!

Soft hair recipe

I have made it many times but may I suggest cooking the pasta until al dente drain all but the half cup of pasta water, rinse it THEN add it to the have to rinse to stop the cooking process of the angel hair pasta or it will be an over cooked mess all mushy and still good its just the.

Dry, damaged hair? Millions of people can relate. Buying deep hair conditioning products or getting a conditioning treatment at a spa can be expensive, and most treatments contain unnatural ingredients.

This homemade deep hair conditioner is easy to make and will leave your hair soft and smooth.

Homemade Hair Mask: Several Recipes for Dry or Damaged Hair