So you want to lead an orchestra

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So you want to lead an orchestra

September 8, Record Location: Chuck Berry Produced By: Jeff Lynne Engineered By: It is uncertain when the vocals and strings were recorded, although it's very possible they were recorded the same day or even the same time. It is significant in that it is the only hit for the Electric Light Orchestra that was not written by Jeff Lynne.

While not a huge hit, it is also significant in that it was the song that broke the band in America and started the band to the path of worldwide success. Why Record a Cover Song?: Although not a Jeff Lynne composition, the decision to record the song was almost inevitable.

In the early days, the band was trying to define themselves as a rock band with classical instruments as a key part of the band. Thus traditional rock 'n' roll songs such as Jerry Lee Lewis' hit Great Balls Of Fire and Chuck Berry's hit Roll Over Beethoven were incorporated into the live set, with Roll Over Beethoven being a natural choice due to the classically tinged play on words in the song's lyrics.

It was an absurd idea to mix the strings into such a rock 'n' roll classic, but the band felt it was natural and necessary to help define what they were trying to do.

Sammy Kaye Orchestra

Just three months prior to the song's recording, Roy Wood left the band and the band had since quickly adopted the song as their encore number in their UK live performances. On stage, they were experimenting with the song and often used selections from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony to open the song, before finally settling on the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with its distinctive and well-known four-note motif intro which they would use in the studio recording.

This four-note motif is used several times on several instruments throughout the instrumental breaks in the song. There are no known recordings of the earlier incarnation on the song before the September studio recording.

Several members of the band were able to contribute to the arrangement of the song. Jeff Lynne was the band leader and it was his decision as to how the songs were arranged and produced, however in these early days of the band he was certainly open to the other band members' contributions.

So you want to lead an orchestra

Michael De Albuquerque arranged his own bass parts and violinist Wilf Gibson contributed some if not all of his own violin arrangements and "the instrumental break which leads into the violin solo" Wilf's own words. Jeff himself is credited with deliberately using a cheap microphone to record the vocals in an attempt to give them a rough, early rock 'n' roll sound.

He also notably sings them in a raw voice, often slurring the lyrics in what is believed to also be an intentional effort to give the song an early rock sound. However, he has also been quoted in the late s as saying he doesn't really like how the vocals turned out.

Curiously, the studio recording uses no backing vocals at all and uses harmony vocals only on the repeated ending parts. Due to the recording process, the vocals were the last part recorded.

So you want to lead an orchestra

When it came time for them to be recorded, the band realized that they didn't really know the lyrics! Curiously, Jeff claims that on stage, before the studio recording of the song, he just made up the words as they performed it. Needing the lyrics fast, the band called up Heavyhead Records, the record store that Bev Bevan owned in Birmingham with Ronny Smith of Ronny and the Senators fame for assistance.

Most sources claim that someone at the store played the record and transcribed the lyrics for the band over the phone.16th April - The Manchester Evening News. HOW BOWIE AND I HAD A SINGALONG.

By Vinny Davies. AFTER filming scenes for a movie with pop icon David Bowie in the Isle Of Man, actor Vinny Davies tells me this picture with his superstar pal is just one . Former Squeeze musician Jools Holland is the most popular pianist and bandleader in the United Kingdom, and the man chosen by The Beatles to conduct the interviews for their award-winning Anthology television series.

CASE STUDY: “SO YOU WANT TO LEAD AN ORCHESTRA” CASE STUDY: “SO YOU WANT TO LEAD AN ORCHESTRA” All orchestra is composed of many instruments and different levels for all instruments. The number of player depends on the size of the orchestra; the larger the orchestra is, higher the demand for different instrument and additional players will be..

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Principal Cellos of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. - Victor August Herbert. Victor Herbert was born in Dublin in February 1, Victor's father Edward Herbert died when Victor was an infant, and subsequently, Victor and his mother Fanny Lover moved to London.

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Principal Musicians