James naismith and his impact on

James Naismith Basketball is the only major modern sport that was"invented" by an individual. It did not evolve from another sport, such as football and soccer did, but rather was created in almost the identical form that it is played in today by a man named James Naismith James Naismith who had no middle name but later adopted the initial "A" was born on November 6,in Almonte, Ontario, Canada.

James naismith and his impact on

Order Reprint of this Story October 29, The proceeds are to go to the Naismith International Basketball Foundation, which promotes sportsmanship and provides services to underprivileged youths around the world.

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No one covers what is happening in our community better than we do. His boss had given him two weeks to come up with a new indoor activity for his gym class, and he wrote down the rules on the eve of that deadline.

He gave the list to his secretary, who typed them up on two pages that Naismith pinned on a bulletin board outside the gym. He moved to Lawrence in and became the first basketball coach at the University of Kansas.

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He coached for nine seasons before assuming other academic duties and serving as athletic director. One of his players was Forrest "Phog" Allen, who went on to become popularly known as the "father of basketball coaches.

Naismith died inthree years after his new game became an official sport at the Summer Olympics in Berlin. The rules were passed down to Ian Naismith, his brother and his sister in when their father died.James A.

Naismith was born near Almonte, Ontario on November 6, James was the eldest son of Scottish immigrants John and Margaret Naismith. In , at the age of eight, James moved with his family to Grand Calumet where his father began work as a saw hand.

James naismith and his impact on

History In early December , Dr. James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (YMCA) [(today, Springfield College), USA], was trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day.

Classes take page from Naismith playbook for interactive lesson. After viewing James Naismith’s original 13 basketball rules at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo., Vomhof created a lesson plan for seventh-grade social studies classes studying primary sources.

Robie said his class first talked about examining artifacts.

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Naismith's reaction to his dubious place at the bottom of the list of Kansas coaches was, "Basketball is a game to be played, not coached. For me, the game is about exercise and good-natured competition. James Naismith and His Impact on Basketball Essay Let’s learn who James Naismith is, and discuss how basketball was invented, the game’s rules, and how the game affects us economically in the present.

Naismith began to work for the university as “Associate Professor of Physical Culture and Chaplain Director” in and continued to work for KU until his death in Above and beyond his work in basketball, Naismith was exceptionally well-educated and held a doctorate in divinity, a doctorate of medicine and a master’s degree in.

James naismith and his impact on
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