Introduction to event management company management essay

Writing a personal statement for an events management degree application can be challenging. Having the right information can help you with this endeavor. You can always read event management personal statement examples. By doing so, you can pick up useful ideas how to write your own one.

Introduction to event management company management essay

Introduction Crowd management is a vital factor that needs profound consideration. An effective management of a crowd calls for a thorough crowd behavior understanding as well as a coordinated effort for planning safe environments for accommodating all types of audiences in any kind of event.

A crowd has various faces as well as different responses towards similar stimuli. It could be hard to imagine someone within a crowd who is intending to cause serious injury or kill another person in an event in which crowds assemble. Basically, in majority of the instances, it has been established that people offer assistance to others incase of trouble, serious impairment, or in case one requires medical attention.

Various task forces have been formed to look into the safety of crowds and the public in events. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the concept of crowd management with focus being on a crowd management plan for an existing outdoor event; the event under study is a sporting event.

Event Details Overview of the Event: In planning of an event, it is important to come up with a fitting location depending on the type of event that is being carried out.

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Planning needs determination of a goal, visualization of a strategy for achievement of that goal, and development of a step by step process towards the achievement of the set goal SEOH,p. Location is agreed upon as per the requirements of the events and its goals. Tickets to facilitate participation should be produced according to the financial ability of the target participants.

They should be sold in well known places and maximum publicity be given SEOH,p. Profile of the Audience: In a sports event, it is important to note that some individuals who happen to be highly familiar with an environment or venue, such as regularly occurring crowds during football matches, have a higher likelihood of conducting themselves in the event in ways they are used to or even follow same route every time they get to such events.

Thus, it is important to ensure that during the event, there is effective use of multiple modes of monitoring the crowd to ensure that the crowd and its behavior are assessed effectively from multiple perspectives.

In some situations, the crowd could be totally unfamiliar with the circumstances or surroundings of the event and thus they will behave differently, e. Sporting events are always considered as a place of work for some individuals while others consider them as places for leisure activity.

Events range from a family day in a local park to the music festivals events, carnivals, firework displays, sporting events, crusades, etc. It is important for crowd managers to ensure that the people participating in an event are not subjected to boredom and so there must be safe and recommendable forms of entertainment to eliminate the problem of monotony in case of breaks during the event Lubbe,p.

Attendance of the event should be determined by the kind of sporting event being done. It is possible to estimate the potential number of participants in such an event by considering the proportion of the public that follows subsequent events.

For instance, it is possible to determine that events involving some sports teams in football command a large audience and this could help in planning process Billboard,p. The promoter secures a desired facility for use, prepares effective contracts between the organizers and facility, arranges for promotion of the event and sale of tickets, and also pays requirements for security.

Overall organization of the event is done by promoters who get paid by organizers and they most often tend to work freely from facilities. The promoters in most cases come up with their own management plan for the event, list the responsibilities of their personnel and timetable of the event, and usually share such material with other parties during the event Mccloud,p.

Venues of a wide range can be effectively used in accommodating outdoor events. However, it is very important to consider some factors before settling on any venue.

Such important factors that should be considered include: Permits and Authorities There is need to ensure that event organizers contact the relevant agencies and bodies during planning stages of an event. Any activity that entails a concentration of individuals gathering in a specific locality will automatically have some effects on the local infrastructure and thus it is considered common courtesy for the event organizers to inform the relevant agencies or authorities, and the local residents to avoid inconveniences during the event.

The significance of this is that there may be need for the event organizer to get into a process of formal consultation with statutory agencies in the society EMH,p. Entertainment events vary greatly in character, size, and other factors like risk and hazard.

Naturally, organizers of complex or large events could require seeking of more specialist advice from elsewhere and this creates the need for formalizing such events. Through licensing of events like these, organizers find it easy to secure security from government agencies such as the police or other administrators and this helps in reducing the chances of occurrence of some emergency problems.

Licensing makes an event so formal in such a way that the organizers feel their security and crowd management boosted in a great way EMH,p. Entertainment events tend to produce so much noise and this could land the organizers of such events into problems with authorities due to noise pollution.

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Many agencies have put measures in place to curb noise pollution especially at night and in residential areas. Risk Analysis and Evaluation Risk registers on crowd control only: A large number of events happen nationally and cases of trouble and problems are rarely reported.

However, new, unquestionably and also unexpected difficulties and hardships have been arising from time to time. There are some conditions, which can lead to problems in management of crowds and these include: When the facility operator, event promoter, and the police commander understand their crowd, it becomes a must and easier for them to plan accordingly.New names for event management companies classifieds.

New names for event management companies classifieds. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. How to start a nursing essay introduction calculate the value of the equilibrium constant, kc. Introduction – explain what the specific area of interest is and refer to some literature on it, introduce the company 4.

Paper body: Summarize what this company does, focusing on what is unique and innovative – thinking into the future of event management (not necessarily technology-related).

EVENT MANAGEMENT - EMG Assignment 1. Plan & Conduct a Special Event (25%) – Group Assignment This assignment involves the planning and carrying out of a special event during the semester.

Introduction to event management company management essay

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You can always read event management personal statement examples. By doing so, you can pick up useful ideas how to write your own one. What’s more, an events management personal statement sample can show you how you can write the main parts of a paper, which are the introduction, body or content, and the closing paragraphs, correctly.

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