How to write an effective ad on craigslist

Consider yourself lucky if the ad provides the transmission type, mileage, and a picture which actually shows the car.

How to write an effective ad on craigslist

This is a long article that is designed to really teach you and show you how to do this whole process. Have you ever posted an ad on Craigslist? Craigslist has made it so easy for anyone to post an ad for just about anything that many people have tried their hand at it and failed.

If that is the case, www. It is free to use. You can do all sorts of great stuff on this site. You can look for jobs, like-minded people, but it is most commonly used to sell and purchase personal products and services.

The essence and goal are the same: Posting Title, Price, and Specific Location - When you create a new craigslist ad, you will be presented with these fields.

The price will be displayed next to the posting title. Posting Description, which is really: Headline, Sub Heading, and Sales Copy - The craigslist interface presents you with a large text area and calls it "Posting Description.

I recommend breaking that section into multiple parts: Headline - This should accurately describe the item, your intentions for the item, a price, and be very brief. This should also be the largest font size text in the ad.

Sub Heading - This line is slightly smaller font size than the Headline, but bigger than the sales copy. It is designed to encourage the customer to respond to your ad, and gives them instructions on how to do that.

how to write an effective ad on craigslist

Sales Copy - This section, sometimes called the Body, is where you can use more descriptive and persuasive language to sell your item, or service. This, in almost all cases, is vital to the success of the ad.

It allows the customer to visually inspect the product, or get a visual reference for the service being provided.

how to write an effective ad on craigslist

If you use these techniques your ad will have an advantage over anyone not using these techniques. Headline, Sub Heading, and Sales Copy. This is going to be extremely basic. We will use HTML to format the headline. An effective headline should be succinct and describe exactly what the ad they are looking at is.

We will discuss this more in the example ad later in this article. HTML is just text. Craigslist allows you to use basic HTML to format your ad.

Most people do not do this but it makes a huge difference! Here is how you do it: Everything in between will be formatted as large bold text. An effective Sub Heading is going to encourage the customer to respond to your ad, and provide them with instructions on how to do that.

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This technique is also referred to as a "call to action. There are actually six H tags. H1 is the largest, and most important, and H6 is the smallest and rarely used. Most of the time this is unnecessary. But, it is very important that you format your Sales Copy by breaking it up into relevant paragraphs.

By doing this you will avoid the "wall of text" syndrome. Make sure each paragraph focuses on a specific aspect of the product or service. This is where we are really going to get into some effective sales techniques and how to put that HTML formatting described above to good use!


It is very short, and simple, but displays all of the techniques described in this article. How to sell your leather couch on Craigslist Preliminary basics: It will default to your city.

Screen shot of the ad interface, with markup to identify the components This is a screen shot of the primary ad creation interface you will use to create your ad. When a person is browsing through craigslist for a product or service, they are browsing through categories, locations, or performing keyword searches.Writing the perfect Craigslist post is about two things: The headline and the detail.

The headline is the bait, and the details are the hook. Most people on CL aren't looking for any old _______. Everybody loves a good deal. That’s why we like to hunt Craigslist for every sector of life that can use a discount: used cars, apartment rentals, cameras, airplane tickets, the list goes on.

How to Sell on Craigslist by Writing Convincing Ads. Last updated on August 5, How was your weekend? Before I tell you a bit about mine and my semi-viral Craiglist ad, I want to let you know that TODAY I am doing a live AMA from am EST to 1pm EST at you've ever wanted to ask me a marketing question (or my favorite kind of taco?) head over and ask away.

Sep 08,  · How to follow up your new, beautiful, effective, Craigslist ad The follow up to your ad is where you actually make the sale. I will offer some guidance here, but Reviews: How to write a great Craigslist ad a transaction on Craigslist is knowing how to write the perfect post.

from pouring in. Remember that while these components are effective writing methods. And stories have a beginning, middle and end—just like this Craigslist ad for a BMW. Sure, the writer could have listed the car for sale without the back story, but the story keeps you reading.

Sure, the writer could have listed the car for sale without the back story, but the story keeps you reading.

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