House prices in uk

Search the actual sold prices of properties in the UK Want to find out what homes actually sold for? Looking for a home in your dream location but not quite sure you can believe the prices?

House prices in uk

Given the relative valuation of UK house prices versus the stockmarket today, perhaps the clever trade is to borrow as much money as you can to invest in the FTSE over the next 25 years? Gearing is the main reason why property investment has been so good for the UK public, leaving aside the odd bout of negative e.

Possibly buying an investment trust with a lot of debt on a discount is another option for limited gearing, but you have other risks there.

I am minded to think restricted supply is a bigger issue than I used to in the UK, though, and probably does support gradually increasing real prices to SOME extent.

Regards, Guy 7 gadgetmind January 5,3: London and Stamford, for instance. They are available in the US.

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What does House prices in uk mean? As well as indirect exposure since their future revenues is linked to future sale prices, of course.

Loads of risk here, of course. Yes it does depend a lot on family situation and other factors. It is true that someone on the same wage but without a family has a lot more room for manoeuvre.

If a computer is five times more powerful and half the price of five years ago, it seems to me inflation is at least partly a matter of opinion!

I have been on a mission for sometime to convince people around me that buying houses is fine but they are homes not investments.

And that rushing to pay the mortgage off feels psychologically right but is not a financially sound decision.

House prices in uk

The historical data you present illustrates this beautifully! Compared to all those, we are a small island with quite a large population density, strong NIMBY controls on property development and little public housing.

We also have a mentality of owning our own houses and rental contracts are mainly short term. So people have little alternative really to trying to buy. When occurred I never though that house prices would collapse by much more than they have already.

Therefore the slump is not so much in prices but more in numbers of trades. Which is bad news for estate agents.

What's the average house price in UK?

But at the moment interest rates are pretty low and likely to stay that way for a long time as the UK is re-entering recession or at best flat-lining. However events including incredibly cheap debt for those that can get it have proven that constrained supply does seem to have underpinned prices more so than, say, the US or Ireland, where massive over-supply clearly egged things over cliff.

I thought they looked like attractive investments in late November, and still feel the same. Anyway, the net result is real house prices and prices to incomes probably do warrant having trended higher.

The question is to what extent?

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I then paid off the remaining mortgage in double-quick time. What I fear is buying into a London market that is already back at or above its highs. Anyway, at least you got into UK Commercial Property UKCM at a decent price — BestInvest keep failing with both real-time and limit orders, and blame liquidity, but my other online accounts are happy to buy take orders.

The same constraints on supply exist as in London, and the same price pattern is emerging. There is many a high street around with a few or more boarded up shops but few with boarded up houses except in the poorest of areas.

People who lose their jobs will — at least in the short-medium term — still live in the same house and have some support for this. Or rents can be driven down if a landlord is at all sympathetic to harsh trading conditions.Insight UK Cities House Price Index.

Don't rely on regional averages. The Hometrack UK Cities House Price index is the only UK index which analyses housing market trends at a city level – across 20 cities, plus regions and nationally. House Prices in the UK.

How much is your house worth? Did they really pay that much? Is this the cheapest house on the most expensive street? UK house prices Add to myFT.

UK house price growth in May cools to lowest rate since Price growth was at 3% in the year to May.

House prices in uk

Save. Thursday, 12 July, UK Inequality. Cause or. Inside the Apprentice house a £m designer mansion in Notting Hill 02 Oct , am Property market in the North falters as new homes depress prices. UK house prices Add to myFT. UK house price growth slows to lowest rate in 5 years — Halifax. Save.

Thursday, 1 November, UK house price growth cools to weakest level since May However, the best thing that could actually happen to house prices in the UK is nothing at all. If prices stick where they are for, say, five to .

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