Hindi essay on price rise

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Hindi essay on price rise

It is cutting the throats of millions today because millions of people find it hard to manage one square meal a day. All days work does not promise then sufficient to eat and Hindi essay on price rise.

Prices have doubled in the last five years and many things on daily use are now beyond the reach of common man. More and more things are going beyond the reach of common people with each passing day.

The reason is not for to seek. There is a craze for getting rich as quickly as possible. The industrialists, the manufactures and the middlemen seek the highest profits and have no soft corner for the poor consumer and purchases.

Big industrial concerns have become economic empire and dictate their own terms to the common people. The government is also to be blamed to some extent. It is constantly increasing taxes there by pushing prices astronomically.

It has been resulting to deficit financing and printing currency notes by the tons.

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It has increased prices and the common men are praying for his needs through the nose. The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.

This gap seems to be increasing each year. The real answer to inflation lies in greater production and productivity. Industrial production can be increased by removing some problems like raw — material shortages, undue licensing restrictions against efficient large scale producers, and unreasonable labour problems are solved.

Prices are bound to increase in a developing economy and there can be no absolute price stability, as such.

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But limits should be defined. A modest increase in prices in not unhealthy for a developing economy like India. Prices of all things have been rising very rapidly. They have gone up twenty times.

Everybody complains that prices are increasing day by day. India is a developing country. In a developing country. Prices are bound to go up. With developing economy the prices go up. But the trouble starts when the income of the people does not match with rising prices.

India I facing this problem. There is no actual shortage of nay thing in the country. But there is shortage of honesty only.

Hindi essay on price rise

So the prices go up day by day. Our population is increasing very rapidly. Now our population is more than 80 crores. The deficit financing in the plans is also responsible for the roaring prices.

Much money is spent on some plans which do not seem to be useful producers say that there is a rise in the prices of raw materials. So there is an increase in the manufacturing cost. There is no proper adjustment between supply and demand.

They are quite indifferent towards the seriousness of the problem. Anti Social elements like hoarders and black marketers never miss an opportunity to cash the situation.

They take interest in blaming each other and politicizing a problem affecting every common citizen. The rising prices should be checked at once. The government should take drastic steps against hoarding and back- marketing. Distribution of national wealth should be made fair and effective.

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