Fuctions of management essay

Leave a comment Four Functions of Management Paper The discipline of management can be divided into four specific functions, which include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A strong manager should be able to demonstrate some degree of proficiency in all of these four areas.

Fuctions of management essay

Fuctions Of Management Essay Info: I will discus and define management and the different functions that a manager has to perform, which are; planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

According to Encyclopedia Americana; is the art of coordinating the elements or factors of production toward the achievement of the purposes of an organization.

It is the accomplishment of objectives through the use of human labor, materials, and machines and it is in fact a combination of knowledge, organization skills, leadership and the ability to combine all the resources available to effectively and efficiently achieve the organization goals.

Business is ever charging, and to be successful we need to adapt and have an open mind to new ideas and practices that would take the organization even further.

As per my experience with Aggreko they have a high level management that in conjunction with the mid management are always on top of everything. They are always looking for ways to better the performance of not only the business but also the employees.

Keeping up to date with technology is one of the ways that they keep assessing the needs of the company. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary planning; is a method for achieving an end. Planning is the way goals are set, and strategies are planned in order to obtain a certain goal, deciding what type of strategies are need it to obtain the organization goals.

This will set the stage for everyone to engage in the process of finding what will work for the company to be the best onthe market. Planning goes hand in hand with organizing, and this is the way to coordinate all stages of the process.

A few examples are; Human resources; financial, locations, resources like vendors, work teams or leads, and also any equipment need it.

Fuctions of management essay

In my organization they are always planning different ways of improving the relationship with the customers, vendors or even our own sister branches. Leading is motivating, and directing employees. A way to stimulate team members to do a certain job, and many times the leading is so successful that team members go beyond their duties to help the organization reach a goal.

Day to day contact with employees is very important not only in person; but also with the different teams within the company. Inspiring and motivating the employees is one of the best tools.Jun 30,  · There are five functions commonly used in management and leaders in businesses for employee success.

Four Functions of Management Essay Words | 4 Pages. Four Functions of Management Abstract The four functions of management, planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, are very essential in building strong organizations and even stronger more effective teams.

Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the functions of management. Four Functions of Management Essay. July 21, Posted by octotutor. Essays, Management. Leave a comment. Four Functions of Management Paper. The discipline of management can be divided into four specific functions, which include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Fuctions of Management - Essay

Each of these functions plays a crucial role in a . THE CONTROL FUNCTION OF MANAGEMENT Introduction The control function of management an organization is an activity to ensure that others are doing what should be done after strategy and organizational planning is made.

Fuctions of management essay

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Essay on Four Functions Of Management Words 7 Pages Each company has their own process of management, whether it is in the form of .

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