Essay on endangered tigers

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Essay on endangered tigers

India hosts diverse kinds of wildlife species possibly due to the broad range of weather, soil, climate, and other similar factors. Perhaps the need of the time is to put more and more conservation efforts to protect wildlife in India.

Indian Government built many National Parks in order to facilitate endangered species up to some extent. The first park was established in ; besides, the Project Tiger was also enacted in At the beginning of the 20th century, there were around 40, tigers in India as compared to the tiger consensus of which revealed only 1, tigers remaining.

Currently, there are around 39 Project Tiger wildlife reserves in India encompassing an area of more than 37, sq. The Forest Conservation Act was enacted to lessen the large-scale habitat destruction caused by deforestation. As a result, ban was imposed on the commercial trading of Asian elephants which involved the export of ivory.

The elephants have enjoyed an absolute protection in Uttar Pradesh, since the promulgation of a Wild Elephant Protection Act The authorities are also putting their efforts to instigate Rajaji National Park, Motichur and Chilla reserves.

The Forest Department also compensated the families whose persons were killed by the wild animals. The capturing of elephants has been superseded.

Essay on endangered tigers

A new conservation area was also established which was named as Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve covering 5, km2. The Karnataka state government has decided to exclude tourist development on elephant migration routes all throughout the Kabbini River.

Significance of Wildlife Conservation Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India The habitat destruction and deforestation are growing at a rapid pace which is why some of the animal lovers are determined to do their best to conserve endangered wildlife species.

The wildlife is important for these chief reasons. It goes without saying that wildlife creatures have added a great deal to the natural splendor of nature and their loss is actually the loss of green heritage. While looking deeply into the wildlife, scientists have found out many medical products and life processes.

Thanks to the wildlife without which there would no balance living systems of earth; besides, it ensures the survival of life. The wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks have become overcrowded since the time and therefore the capacity has depleted to a certain extent.

The tourism in the National Parks is on the rise each day possibly due to the increasing fame of eco-tourism and adventure tourism. Subsequently, it leads to wildlife road fatalities together with the increased vehicle pollution.

People are often involved in the wild fire or innocent campfires that lead to the killing of animals and delimiting their natural habitats.

Some chemical industries have also contributed to the wildlife destruction. These industries discharge chemical and other toxic effluents into the water thereby poisoning it.Here you can mention tigers, giant pandas, snow leopards, the komodo dragons, and others.

In your conclusion it would be great to emphasize people’s role in causing and solving the problem of endangered species. Endangered Species Essay Sample.

Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India

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Endangered Species: Bengal Tiger | Essay Example

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Essay on endangered tigers

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