D2 evaluate the role of

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D2 evaluate the role of

In this article I will be going into detail about the roles and responsibilities of the Defensemen. The responsibilities of the defensemen Your basic duties as a defensemen are to keep the other team from getting good shots on your goalie. There are many other roles you will play, but all of them lead back to this.

A good defenseman will: Maintain good defensive positioning stay between the puck carrier and the net Battle in the corners Protect the front of the net Initiate breakouts from defensive zone Make clean crisp outlet passes Be a great skater especially backwards Have a good shot from a distance Control the play when the other team has the puck angling, steering Block shots Communicate well with team mates Evaluate the play and try to control the opponents moves Make quick decisions This is a list of some of the main qualities of a good defensemen.

Defense is a thinking position so if you like to hang back, read plays, and control decisions it may be for you.

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Lets get into some more details of the positioning and duties in each zone Defensemens duties and positioning in the defensive zone The defensive zone is where all eyes are on the defense.

Defense is played in pairs left D and right D and in the defensive zone it is crucial to work with your defensive partner and cover your own zone. The best scoring opportunities for the other team will happen when a defenseman is pulled out of position.

There are two areas that the defense will D2 evaluate the role of themselves the most. The corner, and in front of the net. In this situation we will assume the puck is in the right corner left corner in the picture, but right corner of the rink for the defensive team The check zone is the area within 5 feet of the puck carrier, usually the defense plays in this zone.

The support zone is about 5 — 15 feet from the puck carrier, usually the center stays in the support position. The Check Zone When the puck goes into the corner, the defenseman responsible for that side should be the first on the puck.

You need to get your feet moving fast and win puck races. If you can beat the other team to the puck and win possession you can start a breakout. Why the Check Zone and not Hit Zone? The hit zone suggests you are going to hit the player, but a check is not a hit.

A check refers to angling, lifting a stick, poking the puck, pushing and contacting the player without throwing a full on body check.

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Keep your stance low and wide, get in the corner, lift sticks and tie up the puck carrier. Below is a rule you should memorize Pressure or Contain?

Good containment can lead to pressure. Some coaches may prefer to always pressure, but this usually only works when everyone on your team can skate and check, and they all understand and play a system.

Pressure — This is when you leap into action in an attempt to get the puck. You have to think and act fast to decide when the right time to pressure is. You can apply light pressure to players even when they are in possession, this is when you should be angling them and blocking passing lanes.

There are two good ways to angle a player, you can angle them into a low percentage scoring zone or to their backhand. Most players are weaker on their backhand, so if you force them along the boards to only be able to make a pass out on their backhand, you increase the chance of them losing the puck or making a bad pass.

The last scenario when you can pressure hard is if the puck carrier loses the puck. Act quickly, tie up their stick, get good body position, and then grab the puck. Here is a video that will help explain and demonstrate board play for defensemen.

The Support Zone The defense will sometimes find themselves in this zone. When in support you have two jobs, help out if needed in the corner AND have your head on a swivel to cover a player if needed. This means their team has the puck and is looking to make a play, so you need to know where the open player is the one your centermen normally covers so you can stop a pass out to them.

You can rotate from the support zone into the hit zone — Your position is not set in stone. A good team knows when to swap spots.

D2 evaluate the role of

The Net Zone This is probably the most important zone for the defense. Just outside of this zone is the high percentage scoring area. In the high percentage scoring area we want to always outnumber the opponent.Roivant Sciences is a biopharmaceutical company focused on realizing the full value of promising drug candidates to improve the lives of patients.

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