An examination of the notion of retirement

Posted on October 27, by Federal Disability Retirement Attorney How can distant lights dim when they are mere specks upon a blanketed panorama of darkness? In a universe based upon a visual-centered arena, the reliance upon sight to establish facts and verify truth-statements cannot be avoided.

An examination of the notion of retirement

Advanced Search Abstract Russia has always been at an intersection of Western and Eastern cultures, with its dozens of ethnic groups and different religions.

The federal structure of the country also encompasses a variety of differences in socioeconomic status across its regions. This diversity yields complexity in aging research; aging people in Russia differ in terms of nationality, religion, political beliefs, social and economic status, access to health care, income, living conditions, etc.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of research on aging in Russia, mainly focusing on biomedical and social aspects of aging.

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Most such research is based in the Central and Western regions, whereas the Siberian and Far East regions are underrepresented. There is also a lack of secondary databases and representative nationwide studies. Social policy and legislation address the needs of older adults by providing social services, support, and protection.

In this article, we address the complexity of the specifics of aging and aging research in Russia. Russia has always been a home to a mixture of Western and Eastern values, and these values affect attitudes toward aging.

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Traditional Western values, such as freedom and independence, may foster well-being in terms of independence from children and other relatives, as well as financial and material independence; in contrast, Eastern values tell us it would be inappropriate to leave parents and grandparents on their own.

In Southern Republics, having an older person in your family commands respect and honor from society; an older person is the head of the family and is treated well by his relatives. On the other hand, Central and Western regions of the country are more influenced by European values, goals, and stereotypes, including negative ones Shagidaeva, In these regions, fears about the aging process and the desire to avoid aging issues among youth and adults are much stronger, and older adults fear becoming a burden for their families.

An examination of the notion of retirement

Because Russia has been a multinational country since its beginning, there has always been intercultural exchange: Western regions incorporated Eastern values to some extent and vice versa. Thus, it is likely that most older adults in Russia are receptive to a mixture of Western and Eastern values that combine a desire for independence and involvement at the same time.

Another perspective that affects aging in Russia is historical and political context. For example, communism and the USSR has shaped the lives of many Russian people who are now older adults.

This influence was diverse, however, and could have affected a variety of outcomes during the recent period of transition. Some people were greatly influenced and stigmatized by the communist system, whereas the lives of those with power and financial resources were not limited at all.

Yet both these groups and in reality there may be many more may cope with transition and reach retirement age with both negative and positive outcomes. In addition, various factors that could impact their adaptation to the fall of the USSR and transition to a new economic and political system must also be considered.

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Retirement, the end stage of a linear working life, may be replaced with a learning, working, leisure, working, learning life cycle. In a cyclical living and working model, participating in the work force never ceases but is interspersed with periods of leisure and learning. While Thaler popularized the notion of automatic enrollment with the book Nudge, it wasn't until he collaborated with Shlomo Benartzi, a behavioral economist at the University of California at Los.

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Examination of the government’s policy on aging, however, would still focus on the number of those who are officially retired according to Russia’s legal retirement age. The proportion of the “retirement age” population is expected to grow to % by , with men .

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