An analysis of the communist socialist strength of polant

Cheering for the oppressed proletarian majority has had, and still has, many believing in a cause for an equal world. Yet the largest weakness of his analysis is glaringly obvious. Capitalism has yet to collapse.

An analysis of the communist socialist strength of polant

As this defining election for the future path of the revolution draws near, Venezuelanalysis.

An analysis of the communist socialist strength of polant

Our principal objective is to convert this into a socialist municipality. To begin to move toward this we have, as a tactic, a municipal constituent assembly.

This will not be convened by us; it will be convened by the people and communities of the municipality themselves, so that it has an original character. It shall make a reality out of Article 5 of the national constitution, which emphasizes that sovereignty rests non-transferably in the people.

The people must definitively understand that they have the power, independently of whether there is a mayor or a governor! But, we have these institutions, like the Mayor's Office and the Municipal Legislative Council, which are structures of the representative democracy of the Fourth Republic.

We have to break away from these structures. And when I say this I am not referring to the buildings. I am not going to arrive with a giant machine and knock down the buildings. We are going to tumble, to overthrow the bureaucratic structure that is there in representative democracy.

Together with the constituent assembly, we propose the creation of new spaces of participation. Beyond this, our program has transversal axes, such as the undying defense of the environment, because this city and this state should be defended environmentally above all else.

Another proposal is, having the profile of a socialist municipality, that collective rights be prioritized above individual rights. For example, with regard to the transportation issue, surely some people will appeal to the constitutional right to free transit, and say this is an individual right.

But, there is a collective right, which is to be able to move about. What are we doing, sitting in our vehicles for an hour in traffic? The individual right to free transit is not fulfilled. Well, look, I am a militant of the Communist Party of Venezuela, the party that nominated me, which has been promoting scientific socialism and opposing imperialism in this country for 77 years.

So, what does it mean for the revolutionary process in which we are living? A bolstering and a radicalization. Our proposal is radically different from the proposals of the current mayor, who calls himself socialist and a militant of the [United Socialist Party of Venezuela] PSUV, and of course from the proposals made by the opposition candidates.

In perfect consonance with what the President of the Republic proposes, we propose a socialist movement, and this has to be radical in form.

We are not going to achieve this with small reforms. And I am sure that the majority of the population of this municipality and this state is in agreement with us in this proposition. What are some specific examples of what defines the difference between you and the PSUV candidate?

There is a radical difference. He [the PSUV candidate] has been in office for four years and he has not done anything to build a socialist municipality. Sure, they hosted the bull fights, the parties, the drunken festivities.

Nobody perceives a difference, because there is none. The treatment of workers, even the workers in his own administration, the housing issue, and other direct responsibilities of the mayor, like the problem of garbage disposal, still have not been solved.The Communist Challenge: The reality of life in "people's" democracies of the 20th century.

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The term “communism” was derived from the Latin word meaning “universal” or “common”. As an ideology, it encompasses social, political and economic attributes which aims to create a society of equality devoid of social classes, money and state.

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