After sales service dissertation

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After sales service dissertation

Volume 11, Issue 4 Jul. This study examined the impact of after sales service on customer satisfaction and retention with special reference to LG electronics in Ibadan, Nigeria. The population of the study covered selected distributors and customers of LG Electronics in Ibadan.

The sample size for this study was sixty 60 respondents who were randomly selected from ten 10 LG electronics distributors and fifty 50 of their customers respectively.

The instrument used in this study is a close-ended questionnaire that was designed by the researchers. Ordinary least squares multiple regression analysis was used to analyze the data. The result showed that the predictor variables i. After sales service dissertation predictor variables jointly explained Subsequently, recommendation was made to the management of LG electronics to set up more after sales service departments to the existing ones with experience staff with the view of developing long term relationship with the customers.

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Introduction After sales service has become an important marketing tool for the manufacturing industry globally, Nigeria inclusive. A rapidly changing business environment, increased use of technology, higher market competition, and higher potential profits in after sales service has changed the way companies view after sales services Muhammad et al, After sales service involves a continuous interaction between the service provider and thecustomer throughout the post-purchase product life cycle.

At the time the product issold to the customer, this interaction is formalized by a mutually agreed warranty orservice contract.

After sales service dissertation

The exact terms of the warranty or service contract, the characteristicsof the customer base, and the nature of the sold product influence the after sales servicestrategy of the service provider Cohen et al.

Goffin and New, discovered that after-sales services maximize the value extracted bycustomers over the entire product life cycle. Kurata and Nam, ; and Ahn and Sohn, agreed that after-sales services can create sustainable relationships withcustomers and contribute significantly to customer satisfaction by offering different after-sales services during the various stages of the primary product lifecycle, the provider can ensure product functionality and thereby customer satisfaction.

This may lead to a fruitful relationship between the provider and the customer over time, allowing for more transactions. It is on this note that this research paper wishes to investigate the impact of after sales service dimensions on customer satisfaction and retention with special reference to LG Electronics in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria.

Theoretical And Empirical Background After-sales service has emerged as a major source of competitive maneuvering, so firms strive for competitive advantages with their after-sales service portfolio to differentiate offers from competitors Goffin, ; Slater, ; as cited in Ruben, After-sales services are an important marketplace differentiator because primary products are often physically comparable Ruben, Urbaniak, defined after sales service as those activities that enhance or facilitate the role and use of the product.

After sales service dissertation

Raddats, is of opinion that customers are no longer demand just for a product but also a comprehensive solution for their problem; they are increasingly moving away from requesting for a specific product to requesting for a certain service package including the original purchase and all aftermarket needs instead.

Chien, also agreed that free basic after-salesservice plays an important role in attracting morecustomer attention in a market with severe brandcompetition.

Offering adequate after-salesservice to customers has become a major generator ofrevenue, profit, and competency in modern industries Cohen et al. Shaharudinet al examined the factors of after sales service, which affect customer satisfaction in the electronic market of Malaysia.

After sales service was determined through delivery, installation and warranty.After Sales Service Literature Review,Chaviva Levin Dissertation Some to write my paper5/5(K).

Doctoral Thesis Managing after-sales services strategies and interfirm relationships Author(s): Jönke, Ruben Strategies and Interfirm Relationships A dissertation submitted to ETH ZURICH for the degree of Doctor of Sciences EOS End of service-point GDP Gross domestic product.

After Sales Service is one type of the above mentioned services that is going to be discussed in this thesis.

The purpose of this study is to gain deeper understanding about the necessity of after sales service department for computer components’ distributors. MASTER'S THESIS After Sales Service Necessity and Effectivness Case study of Sarir International Company Farzin Forooz Shahla Rostamidehbaneh Luleå University of Technology Master Thesis, Continuation.

HUT Industrial Management and Work and Organizational Psychology Report No 21 Espoo Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in After Sales Service. They suggest that service marketing managers should understand the impact of after sales service on customer satisfaction and behavioural and Lehmann, () in their study on the impact of after sales service on customer relationship and they discovered that after-salesservice is regarded as an important factor that has.

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