A study on intermarriage and impurity in the hebrew bible

And the leaders and officials have led the way in this unfaithfulness.

A study on intermarriage and impurity in the hebrew bible

The Queen of Sheba: The following verses were his instructions concerning the non Hebrew nations Israel went to war with.

Logic dictates that if the above provisions were made concerning the nations Israel encounter, then God was not and is not opposed to interracial marriage, at least between the descendants of Ham and the nation of Israel.

As stated before, the European descendants of Japheth are not seen mixing with the descendants of Ham or Shem. One of the civilizations that they had the most contact with were the various tribes in Canaancollectively known as the Canaanites.

Abraham lived among the Canaanites. Jacob lived among the Canaanites. When we look at art depicting male Canaanites, we see facial features such as their lips and nose that are very much African features.

In art, Canaanite women are often depicted with wide hips, big butts, and African facial features. One example of such depictions is the following statue: In the book of Judges we see the following comment: And they took their daughters to be their wives, and gave their daughters to their sons, and served their gods.

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They were sent into slavery for eight years for worshiping other gods, but not for the marriages themselves Judges 3: This one single event solidifies the belief that Hebrews were not Europeans nor were they light skinned people. At the very minimum they had very strong negroid features due to generations of mixing starting with Abraham and continuing into the time of Solomon according to the Biblical text.

Interracial Marriage In The New Testament There are many Christian churches that teach against interracial marriage outright, and then there are those that have doctrine that seems subtle in its opposition to these marriages. Many people of all colors attempt to use the following Old Testament verses to prove their point against interracial marriage, but the Bible makes it clear that the law against the marriages had nothing to do with race, but with religious beliefs: Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.

For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: It is to keep Israel religiously pure.

A study on intermarriage and impurity in the hebrew bible

These verses cannot be used by an honest believer in an attempt to make a Biblical case against interracial marriage. Is Interracial Marriage A Sin?

The fact is that the Bible is not against interracial marriage, but is firmly against inter-religious marriage, regardless of skin color.

Those that preach against interracial marriage only do so out of their own prejudice and without the backing of the totality of scripture. Ultimately, there is nothing in scripture that calls interracial marriage a sin.In the Hebrew Bible, it is a part / aspect of God as seen in Genesis [It is sometimes described as inspiring men to speak God's word.

See 1 Samuel --tony] Given distinct personhood in the Christian interpretation. Even though the Bible is clear that Israel engaged in mass interracial marriage with the descendants of Ham, they weren’t punished for it.

They were sent into slavery for eight years for worshiping other gods, but not for the marriages themselves (Judges ). * This segment is heavily reliant on Dr Susanne Glover's Hebrew Bible in Crisis course.

[1] Megan Bishop Moore and Brad E. Kelle, Biblical History and Israel’s Past- The Changing Study of the Bible and History, William B. Eerdmanns Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan/Cambridge, UK,, pp The Jewish Study Bible, which comes in a protective slipcase, combines the entire Hebrew Bible--in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation--with explanatory notes, introductory materials, and essays by leading biblical scholars on virtually every aspect of the text, the world in which it was written, its interpretation, and its role in Jewish life.

that Thou hast commanded by the hands of thy servants the prophets, saying, The land into which ye are going to possess it, 'is' a land of impurity, by the impurity of the people of the lands, by their abominations with which they have filled it -- from mouth unto mouth -- by their uncleanness;.

The following paragraph is a summary of Christine Hayes' article entitled "Intermarriage and Impurity in Ancient Jewish Sources." I would like to add this information in the "In the Bible" section of the page.

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